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  Our next chapter event  is Thursday, February 25, 2016 6:00 PM

Increasing Engagement in Compliance Training

After the Course is Over: Quick and Inexpensive Ways to Extend Learning into the Workplace

Many organizations offer compliance training on a hit or miss basis. However, federal guidelines for effective ethics and compliance programs envision training as an essential component. Come learn about these federal guidelines, the role of training in such programs, and how to develop and monitor the effectiveness of your compliance training program.

Federal standards require training as part of an ethics and compliance program. Training should be provided to employees, management, the board of directors, agents, and others who carry out the organization’s mission. While there are certain core subject areas such as conflicts of interest and protection of confidential information, the training needs of the organization depend on the industry and also on the nature of the functions performed by the departments to be trained.

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ATD Long Island Board of Directors

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25 Feb 2016 6:00 PM (EST) • EPIC Long Island - 1500 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow, NY 11554


Happy belated New Year everyone!

I hope our members have had a great break and are enjoying the first few weeks of 2015.  I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as your new President, while also sharing some of the exciting plans ahead for our Chapter.

I am an Assistant Professor of Industrial Organizational Psychology at Farmingdale State College. I also conduct private consulting in the areas of training and development. My specialties include training evaluation, training design, and facilitation. I joined ASTD (now ATD) hoping to find a like-minded community of learning professionals. I can say confidently that I have found that amongst the members of this chapter. I’d like to list some important upcoming agenda items in 2015 for ATD Long Island.  


One of the most important changes of 2015 is the continued transition of our chapter from ASTD to ATD. This is a terrific opportunity for the chapter and the national organization to redefine who we are, to respect our history as learning professionals while establishing a new organizational brand.  This is an opportunity for all the members of the local and national organization to contribute to the development of new opportunities for learning professionals as we expand our role in talent development. This change will affect everything from the name of our website to the branding of our national and local organization.


The new board is planning new workshops and events for the first few months of the year. We have begun an initiative that will help us secure dynamic guest speakers from a wide variety of areas of expertise related to instructional design, facilitation, leadership, coaching, technology and more.  One of my goals for this year is to develop relationships with new organizations and speakers that can bring innovative ideas to their presentations. We want to make sure our members learn cutting edge ideas from our speakers. If you have a suggestion for a guest speaker or a new type of event, please let us know. We’re very excited to hear new ideas from our members.

Member Engagement

One of the board’s 2015 goals is to engage our membership. We would like to be seen as one of the premiere resources on Long Island for learning, training, and organizational development needs. In order to do that, we need our members to bring their expertise to the forefront. We need feedback from our membership about the types of events,speakers, and resources that will make our chapter thrive.

Luckily we have an amazing board this year who will help lead us through these initiatives.

Lisa Privett Wood – VP of Programming

Lisa Privett-Wood has over 30 years of experience in Learning and Human Resources working in the Hospitality industry. With the last several years in various corporate-level training and development roles for Marriott International, Lisa has led market implementation and communication efforts, eLearning implementation and learning delivery, and has successfully managed many cross-functional and virtual work teams.

Lisa holds a BS in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. She is a Learning consultant based in Long Island, NY, and is currently leading two global hospitality learning projects from inception to launch. The diversity of work, ability to interface with multiple levels of the organization and proven successes and improvements continue to keep Lisa engaged and excited about her work in learning and development.

David Kelly – VP of Technology

David Kelly is Program Director of The eLearning Guild. David has been an internal learning and performance consultant and training director for over 10 years. He has been a leader in local ASTD chapters, serving as a local board member and national adviser. Dave is active in the learning community, and can often be seen speaking at industry conferences and events. In 2011 the eLearning Council voted him one of the 10 most influential eLearning bloggers for his blog, Misadventures in Learning. He is also known for his curation efforts, especially related to conferences and events for learning and performance professionals.

Ryan Rosiello – Social Media Intern

Ryan Rosiello is currently a Ph.D. student in Applied Organizational Psychology at Hofstra University. Throughout his tenure at Hofstra, Ryan has been published as both a researcher and textbook chapter author. He has over six years of experience working at Reliant Medical Group in the Learning and Organizational Development department.  Over the years, he has demonstrated success in designing and facilitating many eLearning and classroom training sessions on various skills.  He has also assisted in the implementation of several organizational development interventions.

Hector Martinez – Past President

Hector Martinez is an e-learning specialist at New York Life. He has over 15 years of experience in course design, workshop facilitation, coaching, performance management, e-learning, and learning management systems. In addition to serving as the most recent chapter president, he is also an adjunct professor at New York Institute of Technology.

Hector has an M.A. in Organizational Development from Teachers College, Columbia University. He and his wife are proud parents of two young daughters, and enjoy spending time with them at the park or watching movies on weekends.

I thank you all in advance for your continued support.  Our new board has many talented individuals who will use their experience, their energy, and their skill to make this year even better than the last.  Special thanks to our Past President, Hector Martinez, who has done an amazing job in the past year. I can truly say that this chapter wouldn’t be where it is without his contributions.  Thanks also go to the past Board Members like Linda Abraham and Linde Berke whose tireless work has helped this chapter of ATD grow.

I know we’re going to do great things in 2015 and I hope you choose to be a part of it.


-Sy Islam, PhD


Now Accepting Applications for the 2015 Chapter's Leadership Team 


Serving on the ATD Long Island Board of Directors is an excellent way to enhance your leadership capabilities, build your network within the Talent Development community, and deepen your understanding of the trends underway in our industry. Volunteering and leading this network contributes to the larger talent development community, opens new contacts with leaders in the field, and provides a way to give back to your Chapter.


Serving on the Board of Directors also provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to and shape the direction of our Chapter. Board Leaders are expected to participate in monthly Board meetings and Chapter events, as well as engage member volunteers in strategizing and leading their specific role. Board Leaders are elected to one-year terms.

To serve as an elected Director you must be a member in good standing of the ATD:LI Chapter and a member.  

To apply for a Board position for the 2015 calendar year, please email a short letter (<1 page) identifying the position you are interested in, an explanation of your skill set and experiences which prepares you to fulfill the position, and a brief biographical statement.   Attach a current copy of your resume/CV. 


Email documents to Hector Martinez by 5pm on Friday, October 31 at hector.martinez@gmail.com.

ATD Long Island Chapter Board Position Descriptions 



Provide a wide view on Chapter issues and prepare for seamless transition to her/his leadership year


Vice President - Finance

Ensure the financial strength of the Chapter so it can achieve its strategic goals


Vice President - Community Relations

Help Chapter members feel they belong to a community of people who share a common passion for talent development and are willing to help each other in pursuing that passion


Vice President - Marketing

Strengthen the ATD:LI brand and grow the number of members and sponsors


Vice President - Programming & Professional Development

Provide all members with an easy way to stay current in the application of the most important and relevant developments in the field of talent development each year



Manages membership activities for all ATD Long Island members. Composes communications sent to members and processes ATD Long Island membership applications


Vice President - Technology

Define the technology strategy to ensure the Chapter meets its strategic objectives of engaging membership and strengthening the ATD:LI brand


Note: Although you may apply for a specific Board position, we may ask you to consider taking on a different role based on your skills, experience, and Board needs.


-Hector Martinez, Chapter President, ATD Long Island



Hello everyone, we hope you have enjoyed your summer so far!  As the fall season quickly approaches, we wanted to ask our membership if there were any guest speakers you would be interested in seeing in the coming months.  If you have an interest yourself, then by all means we would love to hear from you!  Please submit your comments/proposals to hector.martinez@gmail.com.

All comments/proposals will be reviewed with our Board for consideration of an upcoming session.  Presentations should be educational/developmental opportunities for our membership and topics should align to the A(S)TD Competency Model which can be viewed at http://www.astd.org/Certification/Competency-Model.

We look forward to continuing our special events this fall.  Please mark your calendars for the tentative dates:

  • September 18
  • October 15
  • November 19
  • December 17

Hope to see you soon!

-Hector Martinez, President A(S)TD Long Island Chapter


Greetings everyone,

Many of you may have heard about the rebranding of ASTD last month to ATD. If not, I invite you to visit this link to read about the announcement made at last month's conference.

What does this mean for our local Long Island chapter?  Well, that's exactly what we'd like to explore with you, our membership. We would like to use part of our June 25th event to discuss the direction you feel we should go, based on National's shift to a broader scope.  This discussion would take place just before the roundtable event on Making Learning Stick that same evening.

We invite you to join us on June 25th to have your voices heard on the re-branding of ASTD.  Afterwards, we’ll discuss in detail some solutions for maintaining learning over the long term.  Please use this link to register for a spot at our special venue.

In addition, we will plan to electronically survey our members on general reactions to the shift to ATD, and the impact it has on you.  Ultimately, we want to serve the needs of our local membership and your feedback will help us in that regard.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you!   Feel free to reach out to any member of our Board for any further questions.

Thank you,

-Hector Martinez, Chapter President


Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! 

I hope our members have had a great holiday and are keeping warm these first few days of 2014.  I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as your new President, while also sharing some of the exciting plans ahead for our Chapter this year.

I am a Learning and Development Manager at Sleepy's, responsible for their e-learning programs and the employee development curriculum. My background also includes course design, facilitation, coaching, and performance management.  It’s with a learning mindset that I initially joined the ASTD, hoping to share best practices and while staying current in our field. 

I’ve always appreciated the learning community, and its willingness to collaborate, discuss, and help others excel.  In that spirit, your fellow Board Members are kick-starting 2014 with lots of great ideas, and we hope to make this an exciting and rewarding year for networking and professional growth with our Long Island Chapter. 


Our new board is already hard at work planning workshops for the first few months of the year, securing dynamic guest speakers on current topics related to instructional design, facilitation, leadership, coaching, technology and more.  We will seek to continue our monthly meetings in a wide variety of topics that will be of most interest, while also improving our membership participation.  If you haven’t done so already, check out our first workshop of the year on Social Learning by our own David Kelly.

Committee Members Wanted

Our board discussed the opportunity for volunteers to help with thoughts on various programs.  Many of you have great ideas to help make our Chapter even more engaging and rewarding.  The more folks engage in our planning dialogue (virtual or in-person), the more we all benefit.  Feel free to participate as little or as much as you’d like, no pressure!  If interested, please contact us here. We will be happy to welcome you on board.

Guest Speakers

We’re on the lookout for new speakers for our 2014 events.  Is someone in town working with your organization on a training project?  Invite them to share their experience!  Implemented a new Talent Management System recently?  We’d love to hear about your experience.  Know someone who has introduced mobile or social learning to their organization?   We want to know how it promoted engagement and helped get results. 

Whether it’s coaching, employee engagement, recognition programs, project management, culture change…there’s lots to learn about, and as learning professionals we should seize the opportunity to grow and bring best practices back to our organization.  Please contact us if you are, or know, someone interested in speaking with us this year.  We will make every effort to accommodate them.


Feedback is going to be important for us as we move forward.  We want to hear from you on what would benefit our Chapter.  We’re already planning a survey to gauge interest in topics.  We also want to explore reasons you have joined our membership, so that we can make sure we exceed expectations, while also providing helpful resources between chapter events.  As always feel free to contact our board at any time with insights you have that would help improve your membership experience.

I want to thank you all in advance for your continued support.  Special thanks to our Past President, Linda Berke, who has done such a terrific job in years past.  Thanks also goes to the new and existing Board Members who’ve hopped on for this year.

I know we’re going to do great things in 2014, and I’m excited to be a part of it. 

All the best,

-Hector Martinez




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